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About Us

About Us –

Welcome to, your premier destination for connecting buyers and sellers in the dynamic world of made in China heavy auto truck exports. At, we are passionate about facilitating seamless transactions and fostering a thriving community within the heavy auto industry.

Made in China Heavy Duty Vehicle Brands: 

China has a robust heavy-duty commercial truck manufacturing industry, and several brands have gained recognition both domestically and internationally. Here are some popular Chinese-made heavy-duty commercial truck brands we promote:

  1. Dongfeng (DFAC – Dong Feng Automobile Corporation):
    • Dongfeng is one of China’s largest automotive manufacturers and is well-known for producing a wide range of heavy-duty trucks, including cargo trucks, dump trucks, and tractor units.
  2. Foton (Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd.):
    • Foton is a leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles, including heavy-duty trucks, light trucks, and buses. Their heavy-duty truck series covers various applications, from logistics to construction.
  3. Sinotruk also known as HOWO(China National Heavy Duty Truck Group):
    • Sinotruk is a major player in the Chinese heavy-duty truck industry. They produce a diverse range of trucks under the brand name “Howo,” including dump trucks, tractor units, and concrete mixers. Howo offers a comprehensive range of heavy-duty trucks that cater to various industries and applications. This includes:
      • Howo Cargo Trucks: Ideal for transporting goods over long distances.
      • Howo Dump Trucks: Specifically designed for heavy-duty hauling and construction applications.
      • Howo Tractor Units: Used for hauling trailers and semi-trailers in logistics and transportation.
  4. Shacman (Shaanxi Automobile Group):
    • Shacman is recognized for producing heavy-duty trucks and commercial vehicles. Their product line includes tipper trucks, tractor units, and concrete mixer trucks.
  5. CAMC (Anhui Hualing Automobile Co., Ltd.):
    • CAMC manufactures heavy-duty trucks, specializing in cargo trucks, dump trucks, and concrete mixers. They are known for their advanced technology and reliable performance.
  6. JAC Motors (Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd.):
    • JAC Motors is a diversified automaker producing a variety of vehicles, including heavy-duty trucks. Their heavy-duty truck series covers logistics, construction, and special-purpose applications.
  7. Faw Jiefang (China FAW Group Corporation):
    • Faw Jiefang is a subsidiary of FAW Group and is a prominent manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks. They produce a range of trucks, including cargo trucks and tractor units.
  8. Dayun:
    • Dayun is known for its heavy-duty trucks, particularly in the cargo transport sector. They offer a variety of models designed for different applications.
  9. Beiben Trucks (Beijing Benz Automotive Co., Ltd.):
    • Beiben Trucks, also known as North Benz, specializes in the production of heavy-duty trucks, including off-road trucks, cargo trucks, and special-purpose vehicles.
  10. Hualing Xingma (Inner Mongolia North Hauler Joint Stock Co., Ltd.):
    • Hualing Xingma is a manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks, focusing on cargo trucks and dump trucks. They are recognized for their robust and durable vehicles.

These Chinese heavy-duty commercial truck brands have made significant strides in terms of technological advancements, quality, and market presence, making them competitive players in the global automotive industry.

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